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Beckman Coulter Epics XL Flow Cytometer
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Beckman Coulter Epics XL Flow Cytometer

The Beckman Coulter Epics XL Flow Cytometer is a compact, highly stable flow cytometer. The XL employs Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for reliable linearity and drift-free amplification and compensation. Applications include: multiparametric DNA analysis, platelet studies, reticulocyte enumeration, cell biology/functional studies and as well as a broad range of research applications.


· 3-color fluorescence with 4-color option

· Air-cooled 488nm 15mw laser

· 10u x 90u light beam

· Detector Range: 300nm-800nm

· Flow-Cell Size: 250u x 250u BioSense

· Max analysis rate: >3300 cells/sec

· Min Cell Size, um: <0.5

· Max analysis rate: >3300 cells/sec

· biohazard-safe triple-fluid (sheath/cleanse/waste) system with automated functions and variable flow rate

· Auto setup

· SYSTEM II software with acquisition, list mode, multigraph, reports and utilities


· Color dot density

· Contour

· Isometric

· Tomogram

· Overlay legend and projection plots

· PRISM displays

· Color precedence or color-blend gating

· Automatic Boolean logic gate creation with up to 32 gates per file

· Real-time statistics

· Signal-intensity display 

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